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Cellexxa - Mobile Signal Booster


Yes, But cell phone boosters can only Boost weak cellular 4G, LTE, 3G and 2G signal. They CAN'T CREATE cellular signal nor do they boost landline WiFi signal.

Yes, OXYWAVE Mobile Signal Booster are tested and work with all Indian Network Operators

No, There is no need of Landline or Internet connection.this simply booster your mobile signal

No, Signal Booster not work outside or open area, it only work in covered area, Like Flat, House, Building, Shops, Mall, Basements, Office, Mines, Camps or other cover places

Yes, cable Length decrease the signal strength is lost for various cable length sizes. 

Signal Loss Figure : 900 MHz = 3.9 dB loss per 100 ft. 1500 MHz (1.5GHz) = 5.1 dB loss per 100 ft. 2400 MHz (2.4GHz) = 6.65 dB loss per 100 ft. 5800 MHz (5.8GHz) = 10.8 dB loss per 100 ft.

There's no specific limit. The number of users will vary depending on the strength of outside signal.